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                                A public report on the core technology of the steel and plastic composite board.
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                                An overview,
                                Cimc gangsu composite board is van cimc vehicles to market in 2012, a van semi-trailer, gauri logistics vehicle interior volume, light weight, use of the advantages of high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, beautiful appearance. Suitable for long-haul distance transportation logistics. Immediately after the introduction of the market favorable response, win the customer praise.
                                The technical features of the side semi-trailer of steel and plastic composite board:
                                There is no longitudinal beam structure of the car body of the design of the semi - trailer.
                                The wall adopts ultra-thin and high strength steel composite plate material, the body is wide;
                                Wooden floor structure, high strength, suitable forklift operation;
                                The aerodynamic design of the semicircle Angle and side protection is good.
                                Equipped with the air suspension, comfortable, suitable for the transport of high value pallets.
                                The interior decoration is high, suitable for the transportation of all kinds of packing materials;
                                Side wall and front wall surface level, suitable for outdoor mobile advertising;
                                The vehicle is light weight, large content and low operating cost.
                                As a commercial port logistics van semi-trailer, cimc gangsu composite board van total length of 14.6 m, 2.55 m wide, is composed of box body and bottoms, compartments body including front wall, lateral wall and back wall, roof and chassis, bottoms including vice frame, walking and mechanism, support mechanism and related accessories, etc. As shown in figure 1, the general picture of the semi-trailer of the steel and plastic composite board is shown in figure 2. The patent distribution on the semi-trailer is shown in figure 3.

                                FIG. 1 the general drawing of the semi-trailer of the steel and plastic composite board

                                FIG. 2 the side semi - trailer of TRP steel - plastic composite board

                                FIG. 3 the patent distribution diagram of the semi-trailer of tepp steel composite board

                                The six parts of the steel and plastic composite board are connected by riveting. Between side wall and before and after the front wall and back wall through the post riveted together, side wall and roof by top side beam riveting, side wall and base plate through the bottom beam riveting, front wall borrow ribs on the bottom of the top beam and before the beam respectively connected to the roof and the chassis, after the back after the roof beam and bottom beam and roof and the chassis respectively, thus forming a complete compartments.
                                In the lower loading structure of the combined steel and plastic composite board, the walking mechanism is installed on the auxiliary frame to form a whole. The auxiliary frame and body are connected by two sliding rails of the chassis. Other accessories are bolted to connect to the chassis.
                                The spirit of adhering to the technology sharing and promoting technical progress in the sector will, willing to share their own cimc vehicle in gangsu composite board van aspects of advanced technology, and colleagues work together to promote the development of the van and popularization and application.

                                Introduction of core technologies.
                                The composite board of steel and plastic composite board combines the core technology of the vehicle in the field. In the body part, the side wall, front wall and rear wall panel are all equipped with advanced composite board material technology and composite board connection technology. Compartments body parts assembly connection technology (front wall, lateral wall and back wall, roof and bottom in choice between interconnected technology), the chassis design techniques such as the core technology for van body bearing plant provides a performance security; The streamlined body design reduces the wind resistance and improves the fuel economy of the vehicle. The core technology of the lower part is the connection technology of the body and the lower part. In addition, in order to improve the use efficiency of vehicles, some unique designs have been adopted in the attachment, such as side protection with diversion, auxiliary support and ventilation structure.
                                1. Box core technology.
                                Composite board box body is the core component of cimc gangsu composite panels van, outer contour size conform to the laws and regulations under the premise of compartments inside body size of 14468 mm (long) X2528mm (width) X 2591 mm (high), i.e. content product at 94.7 ms, box body by the front wall, lateral wall and back wall, roof and floor and 5 bar, as shown in figure 2.

                                FIG. 2 the structure of the steel and plastic composite board

                                The body of the composite board of steel and plastic composite board is made of steel composite plate. In addition, the excellent technical performance of the box body is guaranteed by adopting key technologies such as the connection technology between the parts assembly and the design of the chassis. At the same time, the whole body is designed into a streamlined structure, which greatly reduces wind resistance and saves fuel consumption.
                                1.1 composite board material technology.
                                1) composition and material properties of the composite board.
                                Is made of high strength steel plate, modified PE material and compounded film 5 layer automatically, automatic production line manufacturing, materials with high intensity, meet the ASTM material standard requirements, gangsu plate connection can be used in a riveting, adhesive and so on, using the gangsu plate made of van body sealing performance is good, once the strength and stiffness meet the van semi-trailer van body strength industry standard, suitable for all kinds of van wall.
                                In addition, the inner and outer surface of the steel plastic composite board is smooth. It is convenient for loading and unloading, and the spacing of the side wall rivet is four times larger than that of traditional aluminum riveting car (spacing 50.8 mm), and the rivet number is greatly reduced.
                                2) the process performance of the composite board.
                                The steel and plastic composite board used in the steel plastic composite board has a thickness of 7.9mm and a width of 1220mm, which is continuously produced. The strip can be cut into different height according to the requirement of use.
                                3) connection technology of the composite board.
                                Composite board connection technology is the key technology of composite board van body, there is more common fastener connection (rivet connection), adhesive and profile connection, the most simple way for the two tables plate riveted lap later. The composite board of the steel and plastic composite board adopts the composite board connection mode and the American patent (the patent number "US7704026B2", refer to annex 1).
                                1.2 connection technology between each component assembly.
                                Connecting the body parts to a whole, the connection technology between them is a very critical process technology. In the connection process of each part of the body, the main connection includes the connection between the side wall and the front wall and the rear wall. The connection between the side wall and the base frame and the connection between the side wall and the roof.
                                The side wall and the front wall, the back wall and the front and rear columns are riveted, and are connected by manual riveting or mechanical hand riveting. The connection between the side wall bottom beam and the base beam is riveted by the c-clamp.
                                The connection of the side wall and the roof is realized through the top side beam, and the connection is patented technology (the patent number "ZL 201220275703.1" refer to annex 2), and the specific implementation method can be attached to the patent text of attachment 2.
                                In addition, the body parts are connected to meet the seal requirements, through the watertight experiment. To this end, the side wall of the composite plate and the vertical column need to place the sealing tape, to ensure the sealing performance after riveting. When the roof and the top side of the beam are connected to the front and back ends, the pressure bar on the top of the top plate and the other side also need to place the sealing tape to ensure the sealing performance.
                                1.3 chassis design technology.
                                The chassis of the steel and plastic composite board is composed of traction plate assembly, steel beam, floor assembly and so on. The floor is laid on the upper part of the steel beam that is arranged at a certain distance and is connected with the floor by screws to form a base frame. At the front end, the towing plate assembly is placed, and the beam is added at the support of the support leg. In addition, there is a z-type connected slide rail link at the rear of the base frame and the auxiliary frame, which is used to connect with the auxiliary frame.
                                1.4 streamlined body design technology.
                                In order to reduce the wind resistance and save fuel consumption, the patented technology (patent no. TtZL 200920148429. X) was adopted in the box of the steel and plastic composite board. This design provides a streamlined van carriage body, namely on side wall, front end design arc Angle, implement streamlined transition connection, can greatly reduce the wind resistance in the process of vehicles on the road, to reduce the energy consumption of vehicles. As shown in figure 3, the specific implementation method can refer to the patent text in annex 3.

                                FIG. 3 streamlined body structure

                                2. The connection between the car body and the lower assembly of the steel and plastic composite board in the middle part mainly includes the connection between the chassis and the auxiliary frame, and the connection between the chassis frame and the supporting structure and the vehicle accessories.
                                The connection between the chassis frame and the auxiliary frame is shown in figure 4. Set the slide rail at the lower part of the bottom frame. There are multiple positioning holes in the slide rail. The auxiliary frame has a locking mechanism for fixed connections. After the locking mechanism is fixed to the appropriate positioning hole according to the design of the wheelbase, the other round holes in the sliding rail of the bottom bracket shall be welded, so that the chassis frame and the auxiliary frame shall be fixed.

                                Figure 4 the connection between the body and the auxiliary frame

                                The connection between the box body and the supporting mechanism and the attachment of the frame is connected by bolt connection to facilitate assembly and subsequent maintenance.
                                3, other
                                To increase the efficiency of the use of the vehicle, cimc vehicle of gangsu composite panels van accessories adopt some unique design, such as the side with the diversion effect is protection, vehicle front auxiliary function design such as auxiliary support mechanism and ventilation structure, improve the convenience of the cargo operation, reduce the operation process of 屮 vehicle fuel consumption, and further enhance the comprehensive economic benefits of the vehicle.
                                3.1 side protection design technology.
                                Unlike traditional side protection, the steel and plastic composite board has an ingenious aerodynamic component at the bottom of the frame (see figure 5, part number 10, 70 for aerodynamic components). The aerodynamic components including used for hinged on the leg on either side of the car body side of the vehicle apron and side apron, among them, the leg side apron for articulated vehicles with the leg of the corresponding position, the side apron for articulated in leg side apron close to one side of the rear of the vehicle, and into the leg side apron, on the one hand, the skirt plate can be used as side protection. On the other hand, the skirt board adopts the aerodynamic design structure, which reduces the wind resistance during the operation of the vehicle and saves fuel consumption. Operators on the bottom of the vehicle maintenance or repair, open side apron can improve the convenience of the operation, the technology has become an essential gangsu composite panels van patent technology (patent no. "ZL201320085270.8") concrete implementation way to refer to appendix 4 patent specification.
                                3.2 auxiliary devices
                                The auxiliary device is mainly to improve the convenience of loading and unloading operations, mainly including the patent technology auxiliary support mechanism (the patent number "ZL 201420068160.5") and the ventilation structure (the patent number "ZL 201320567738.7"), as shown in figure 6.
                                Auxiliary support structure as shown in figure 7, the auxiliary support device can avoid in the process of vehicle loading or unloading, due to the vehicle front loading and department of loading is not available to flip forward. To improve the security in the process of loading and unloading cargo. Part 12 is the auxiliary supporting mechanism, including fixed parts, supporting parts and fittings. The fixed part is fixed at the front end of the carriage. The support piece is connected to the fixed piece and can be supported to the floor by the bottom of the car. When the auxiliary support structure is in non-working condition, the end face of the supporting device is above the plane of the traction plate, so as to avoid the influence of the hanging and hanging of the tractor. The specific implementation of the auxiliary support mechanism may refer to the patent specification in annex 5.
                                The ventilation structure is shown in FIG. 8. The ventilation structure is arranged on the external wall of the front wall of the vehicle, including ventilation device, connecting device and operating device. There is a vent on the wall partition. The operating device is set in the middle or lower part of the wall of the front wall of the car, and the ventilation installation is open and closed, and controlled by the switch. The operating device of the ventilation structure is located in the lower part of the body wall. The opening or closing of vents without the aid of any auxiliary tools improves the ease of operation. At the same time, it satisfies the ventilation requirements during loading and unloading. The specific implementation method can refer to the patent specification in annex 6.

                                FIG. 7 supporting structure diagram                        FIG. 8 ventilation structure

                                Advanced design concept and unique core key technology is the key to the success of the vehicle product. Cimc vehicle at the same time also hope and van trailer counterparts to discuss technology product development, sharing our composite board van trailer successful experience and the patent technology, jointly promote the development of China's van, logistics, reduce logistics cost, to provide logistics company's profitability, contribute to energy conservation and emissions reduction.

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