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                                Special car: steel and plastic composite board of semi-trailer domestic high-end logistics industry
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                                In August 2015 the Chinese international BBS specialized automobile industry development in our country, cimc vehicle group gui-ping li, general manager of foreign solemnly announced that as cimc gangsu composite panels van core technology to the public. From this day, the steel and plastic composite board of the vehicle in the middle part of the vehicle has caused the attention of the development of the logistics of the semi-trailer development enterprises.
                                In this third issue this year, in the expectation that cimc vehicle gui-ping li, general manager of the interview is slowly opened the mysterious veil of the van, semi-trailer, gui-ping li to introduce you to the gangsu composite board van semi-trailer to the purpose and background from the public. So, what is the structure of the steel plastic composite board? What are the benefits of its technology and technology? What are the advantages of the car compared with the domestic equivalent? How did it return from the United States to China to lead the domestic high-end logistics semi-trailer market?

                                Recently, this reporter went to the car's producer - Qingdao cimc refrigerated transportation equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Qingdao cold car), to fully unravel the mysteries of this car.
                                Technology comes to America.
                                Auto-creation, general manager of Qingdao cold car is introduced, the steel-plastic composite board van semi-trailer is genuine American car, because the source of technology to the United States, since the introduction of China, cimc vehicle to give it a Chinese name - cimc vehicle silver car, and people are more willing to call it the American dry van trailer. Since this is a vehicle that returns to China from the United States, our introduction starts with the experience of the car in the United States, how it developed in the United States, and what a brilliant record it has.
                                America in the 90 s, van production enterprises in ferro good rich (FRUEHAUF) dominance, the court ruled in ferro good rich as the largest van trailer manufacturer violates the law and be forced to break up. When the mainstream products are "thin aluminum plate + pillar", and "thick aluminum plate + post" these two forms of dry van trailer is given priority to, can have another better materials and structure leads the entire dry van trailer technology? WABASH after several years of development has invented gangsu composite board van semi-trailer, applied for a patent for this product, and seize the opportunity to purchase the ferro good rich company van trailer manufacturing business, start mass production have gangsu composite panels van trailer of intellectual property rights, the sole leader of the product into the United States.
                                Because of the incomparable advantages of the steel composite board, the semi-trailer of the steel and plastic composite board soon overtook the aluminum alloy wing semi-trailer and became the mainstream product of the United States.
                                From 1996 to 1999, WABASH became the first big van production company in the United States, and WABASH was the largest manufacturer in the United States. At one time, WABASH had reached 60,000 sales, which met the demand of the U.S. market at that time. In 1998 after the global financial crisis, the United States market demand became obvious atrophy, until 2003 the market recovery, the valspar WABASH also returned to growth, and even the level of sales of more than 60000 cars for 70000 years in production and marketing level, and at that time the United States dry van semi annual overall market demand for 12 to 150000 vehicles, which means the WABASH gangsu composite board van semi-trailer dry van semi-trailer market demand in the United States accounted for more than half, become recognized as the irreplaceable dry van semi-trailer first products.
                                In 2003, CMC launched CIMC USA, an American company, and began to enter the U.S. market. In that year, it acquired HP MONON trailer factory and invested in Vanguard company. Lasted more than two years, CIMC USA after a system study of the product of manufacturer of United States advantages, from the initial "thin aluminum plate + post" van semi-trailer, further breakthrough WABASH patent products, the development of CIMC gangsu composite panels of independent intellectual property rights van semi-trailer, but faced with the huge problem - composite board where procurement. In 2006, zhongji group invested in a new type of steel and plastic composite board company, and the new steel and plastic composite board of semi-trailer started to market.
                                In 2007, when the global financial crisis hit, Vanguard was on the verge of collapse, and the company was able to fully integrate the company and resume production. In 2011, Vanguard began to make a profit. Since then, the company has been producing about 10, 000 units a year, of which the steel and plastic composite board is about 70 percent of the total output.
                                From the invention to the mainstream, the sublimation becomes thinner and lighter, and the semi-trailer of the steel and plastic composite board has achieved great success in the United States.
                                Good product introduction domestic sharing.
                                In 2009, the steel and plastic composite board was brought back to China, but few people realized its benefits under the circumstances. In this case, the product is still being introduced by zhongji vehicles, and the first prototype was produced in Qingdao in 2010, but no one can understand it.
                                In accordance with the practice of the vehicle at that time, the cold and dry goods van cannot be produced in the same factory. Mr Auto-creation recalls that in the United States is a magical thing, as America's top five van notting have is not dry, cold production enterprises to do at the same time, because the two car have great similarities.
                                Therefore, Mr. Wang xiaoyi, after taking office as the deputy general manager of the cold car in Qingdao, insisted on the idea of doing both products at the same time, and finally approved the vehicle approval. As a result, the Qingdao cold car companies to invest 220 million yuan in 2008, quickly built a domestic leading refrigerated van lines, on the basis of 2010 to invest 500000 yuan to build dry van production line, and according to the domestic market and regulatory requirements quickly developed dry goods semi-trailer and refrigerated semi-trailer, which is now called cimc silver car.
                                It is a coincidence that mainstream American products have opened up in China. According to Mr. Wang, during a truck show in the United States, the President of shenghui logistics company, liu xiaohui, inspected the mainstream of the United States, and visited the Vanguard factory. Auto-creation Mr Liu took fai in detail at the Vanguard gangsu composite board van semi-trailer, said: "the United States of the mainstream models in China is likely to be in 10 years to see", liu took fai will answer: "this is what I am looking for models, Qingdao cool car if you can produce, I returned immediately to arrange bulk purchase, gradually replace existing 'steel iron box + skeleton products". A month later, liu used hui to bring his team to Qingdao to inspect the sample cars and production lines, and ordered 30 cars on the spot. After that, more than 100 cars were ordered for three consecutive years.
                                Although the products of Qingdao cold car are exported to overseas markets more than 95%, the domestic logistics industry is gradually beginning to enjoy the advantages of high-end logistics semi-trailer.
                                Excellent quality of high-end vehicles.
                                "Because of the high-end products so rarely, in domestic sales in 2013 is one of the most sales for a year, about the sales of more than 100 vehicles, but the domestic large logistics companies, such as ChengHui, win, light, and motion completely recognized Qingdao cold car products, and become the Qingdao cold dry van big user", Mr Auto-creation told reporters.
                                What are the big advantages of this product that makes these big logistics companies so attractive?
                                It is understood that the Qingdao cold car production vehicle products production quality of the products with the United States are exactly the same, no difference, the Qingdao cold car trailer products have 45 invention and utility model patents, dry vans with eight, otherwise seven U.S. patents, its technical sophistication.
                                The steel-plastic composite panels van has many ordinary van van and even aluminum alloy has incomparable advantages, such as van body elastic deformation, light weight, large capacity, the load bearing structure, the wheelbase is adjustable, passed in the United States and Canada bumper of collision energy absorption test, as well as the collection of the world's most advanced device, such as installation of the air suspension, ABS or EBS, extra-wide tires and aluminum alloy wheel hub, aerodynamic devices, etc.
                                According to Mr. Wang, the biggest advantage of the van is that the material is elastic, and the box will be slightly deformed after loading and can be recovered after unloading. Because it is a steel composite board, its mechanical properties of shock resistance, bending and so on are very good. Corrosion resistant and easy to maintain; After the cargo expansion box, the elasticity is better and can be restored without deformation. Once a three - year dry goods vehicle returned to the factory in the domestic market, the body is still flat.
                                The volume of the box is large, and the inner width is much larger than that of other materials. The composite plate used in the box is two layers of high strength pre-coated galvanized steel plate, which is composed of high-strength composite plate by continuous extrusion of thermoplastic materials of micro-foaming. Because of thermoplastic material interlayer between two layers of steel plate is 6 ~ 7 mm thick, the structure not only has good thermal insulation and resistance to impact, and double steel has high strength and puncture resistance, the total thickness is only 7.9 mm. This is the reason why the van of this material can become the main reason of mainstream American products, because it increases the content of the box and increases the loading rate. Compared with other domestic manufacturers of load board compartments body in 15 ~ 20 mm, the formation of corrugated board quality dry van trailer thickness up to 30 mm, because the thin compartments in the body can increase at least 15 mm wide, so can increase the biggest 44 mm. But need to remind the user that all materials by thin material variation rigidity, coupled with the mode of transportation of the United States and China, the United States is palletized transport, while China is less-than-one carload transport, easy to cause bilge tank phenomenon, so Chinese users should use relatively good solid goods way to transport goods, in order to reduce inflation box. The increase of the inner space also provides a more rich working space for the pallet transportation of the forklift truck, which reduces the collision probability of the forklift into the box, which is also more convenient for maintenance.
                                Another most outstanding feature of this product is the vehicle used cars body bearing directly, rather than the traditional rely on two longitudinal beam bearing, so the structure of the advantage is greatly reduced the weight of car, increase the effective cargo weight.
                                Wheel base can be adjusted, about 2.7 m or so adjustable range, this design advantage lies in the turning radius can be adjusted, increases the flexibility in the process of vehicles on the highway, and reduced transportation cost. As a result, the vehicles of biaxial length of 16.2 m, weight for more than 6 t, the same European 45 feet 13.7 m three-axis vehicle weight of up to 8 t, this also is the main reason that Europe cannot surpass the United States, transportation of low cost, low purchasing cost.
                                Integration of the world's most advanced device, such as air suspension, ABS or EBS, extra-wide tires, aerodynamic devices, etc., to ensure the goods transportation safety, not only reduces the breakage of the goods, also very fuel-efficient, aerodynamic device can only fuel efficiency by about 3%, compared with domestic products measured fuel-efficient, a total of 20%. In addition, due to the light weight, the air suspension is used and the aerodynamics device is installed. The maximum speed can be as high as 100~120 km/h on the highway, and the tire loss is reduced by **.
                                The driving safety of vehicles is high. All the key connectors have been tested, such as supporting leg, traction pin, etc., and also carried out the simulation test of vehicle road test, which fully guaranteed the performance of the vehicle. It is important to mention the following protective devices, which can fully meet the test requirements of FMVSS 223, 224 and Canadian CMVSS 223 and 224 in the United States. Compared with the domestic general protection after, Qingdao cold car protection after 55 kg weight, can guarantee after truck was rear-ended, rail vehicle the driver's personal safety, rail vehicle is only bridge deformation, don't, the phenomenon of the vehicle into the bottom of the truck, protection has only happened after a bending deformation, no big damage.
                                The production efficiency is very high. The steel and plastic composite board has a relatively high standard of standardization and is uniform in size. Therefore, it is convenient for assembly line production, and the production of this dry-goods van is only about 80 man-hours.
                                The chassis parts are made of hot-dip galvanized metal, which has strong corrosion resistance and is very suitable for melting snow in the United States.
                                In general, the product of Qingdao cold car is a combination of product design technology and process manufacturing technology, and two large parts are indispensable to create the most mainstream products in the United States.
                                Stick to the quality of the snow.
                                In the logistics industry developed in the United States, gangsu composite board van is the mainstream products, to the domestic, of course, is also worthy of the best dry van trailer products, because of the loading of the goods, more fuel-efficient series high quality characteristics, such as large group enterprise for this product in the domestic logistics industry is gradually recognized.
                                Since 2010, the Qingdao cold car van on the domestic market, domestic sales in 2013, over one hundred, ChengHui, win, light, and motion become Qingdao cold car gangsu composite panels van semi-trailer big user. "In 2014, the vehicle entered the country's catalogue of recommended models for transport, which also shows that the Chinese government highly approves of Qingdao's cold car products," Mr. Wang said.
                                It is understood that the car also made some changes after entering the country to meet the domestic standards and regulations. For example, if the size is changed to the size of domestic standard, the adjustable suspension is fixed, and it is designed to be a 2-axis or three-axle car, which is partially strengthened to prevent overload.
                                But the world's top van semi-trailer encounter many problems in China, one of the biggest problem is that the market is not standard, to DORA and cheap goods, the end user thus put forward a lot of changes and requirements, and even have the user request the rear bumper to domestic thin bumper. "To this end, we give the user's attitude is rejected, refused to unreasonable demands, to refuse the unreasonable" improved "opinion", Mr Auto-creation said firmly, "we always keep high lofty stance, do the real high-end products."
                                Mr Auto-creation says, "we have also seen a lot of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, on the one hand manufacturing compound of national standard of 14.6 m (48 ') skeleton car, on the other hand, in order to * * please carry government clients manufacturing production of 16.2 m (53 ') of super-long, extra-wide, ultra-high compartments, and the skeleton car sales to the customer together, and flaunt the innovative products in the market. This deceives his superiors and deludes his subordinates, to the state of society to customer irresponsible violations, serious damage to the real technology of the development of innovative products, ultimately affect the healthy development of the industry, harm the interests of customers and enterprises. That is why cimc vehicle group general manager gui-ping li to the trailer domestic industry announced that the root cause of this technology, he wants to form a consensus in the industry and make the innovation products become the main domestic logistics transportation models, so as to promote industry in accordance with laws and regulations, and promoting technology innovation, common progress and healthy development, truly benefit society."
                                "As a high-end logistics vehicles, even succumb to the user's requirements, the price will not fall a lot, or not able to with domestic low-end van semi-trailer, instead, that it is better to keep ecru, long hold up." Mr Auto-creation, confident, "the next three years, Qingdao cold car also will continue to be so go on, give priority to with the overseas market, the domestic market to don't give up, the development of domestic high value customer."
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