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A2 grade fire resistant acp

The trapboard is a precast. The surface of tep's panel is treated with spray paint, anodic oxidation, or plastic seal. During transportation storage and processing, the surface is covered with a protective film. Please note the following information:

Unpacking and packing

Please unpack or pack the wooden cases in a clean place.
Remove dust and wood chips on board and on board.
If there are hard particles, such as sand or wood chips, between the panels will result in a pit.
Please do not place the trapp directly on the floor, but on the working platform.
Please be careful to put the tepp on top of each other to avoid the scratches on the surface of the panel during the stacking process.
The single board shall be carried by two or more persons, and carry with the four corners of the board and carry it vertically. Please bring your gloves when handling so as not to get dirty.

The transportation

Please place the trapboard horizontally. Do not place heavy objects above.
The packaging should be printed with "handle with care", "keep dry", "no hook", "this face up" packaging.
The transportation process should be carefully and carefully. If there is any tide problem, please report the forwarder's confirmation in time.

Protective film

The protective membrane of the tepp plate may lose its protective effect if it is exposed to direct sunlight or moisture.
In the case of double-sided lamination, it is necessary to ensure that both sides of the protective film are torn apart, especially in the case of the translucent membrane.
If a part of the protective film is torn apart, the exposed surface should take anti-pollution measures.
The storage period should not exceed 6 months. The temperature change plus direct sunlight will reduce the durability of the protective film.
In this case, it can cause the protection film to adhere to the panel not easy to tear.
Do not mark on the protective film with marker, tape or label. The solvent or plasticizer may penetrate into the protective film to affect the quality of the paint.
In the process of processing or installation, if you want to tear off the protective film, please partially tear it away, so that the protective film will not be torn off and the side corner of the board will be dirty and the stain is not.
The removal of the method.
Please remove the protective film as soon as possible after installation. The longer the protection film is on the board, the longer the normal time, will cause the protective film to be difficult to tear.


When storing tepp board, you should pay attention to moistureproof. The tepp panel should be stored in a cool, dry and suitable temperature environment.
Place the trapp on a tray with sufficient support. Please do not mix the plates with different sizes.
There are no more than 6 pallets when stacked vertically.
If you remove the trapboard from the tray or put it back, you should avoid scratching the surface. If the board surface is exposed to damp environment, it must be dried to avoid contamination.
Stain and corrosion.
Any panel damage must be immediately reported to the forwarder for confirmation.

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